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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

[Article] 161130 Have you tried on the "BTS" padded jackets? I heard that they're all sold out!

PUMA, their popular winter jackets worn by model BTS 

Sold out. Out of stock.

With the beginning of the actual winter, "___ padded jackets" named after the celebrities are popular among consumers.

There are many things we consider when buying a padded jacket. Heat retention and the stylish design of the jacket. We need to carefully consider the materials used and functionality. But this year another factor is being considered by the buyers and this is the trending star marketing.

PUMA is receiving high popularity by using popular idol group BTS as their model. The 7 types of stylish yet functional winter jackets are available in different line like "premium" to "economy" lines. The prices vary and you can choose from different styles and performance. Down jacket which is the sporty downs, premium down jacket, and core down jackets are some of the styles.

(T/N: The rest of the article talks about the design and materials used for these jackets) 

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Response +24

1. BTS is popular so their clothes must be popular too! BTS I love you★♥♥♥♥♥★ +39 -1

2. PUMA fighting! BTS fighting! +21 -0

3. hehe I got a BTS padding too! +14 -0

4. I should get one too.. +11 -0

[Article] 161130 BTS climbs the US Billboard again... No.1 on "Social 50"

Group BTS reclaimed the No.1 spot on US Billboard "Social 50" again and their undying popularity continues.

According to the recent chart (2016 December 10th) released by US Billboard, BTS ranked No.1 on "Social Chart" and No.5 "World Album Chart" and set an incredible record of remaining on the chart for 7 straight weeks.

BTS was No.2 on last week's "Social 50" chart but they reclaimed No.1 spot this week and proved their peerless popularity on worldwide SNS platform.

US Billboard "Social 50" ranks the most active artists on the world's leading social networking services every week.

Meanwhile, BTS recently began their Japan tour on 9th at Fukuoka. They'll be holding 8 fan meeting at 4 cities in Japan including Toyko, Nagoya, Osaka until the next month.

Furthermore, the group will begin their world tour  '2017 BTS LIVE TRILOGY EPISODE III THE WINGS TOUR' , starting from Seoul at Gocheok Skydome on 18th and 19th in February next year.

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[Article] 161130 Still cuts of "Hwarang" revealed, sunshine maknae Kim Taehyung VS Mysterious Cho Yoonwoo

The first "Hwarang" still cuts of Kim Taehyung and Cho Yoonwoo were revealed.

The producers of new KBS Mon-Tue drama "Hwarang" which will premiere on 19th December revealed the still cuts of the sunshine like boy Hansung played by Kim Taehyung (BTS V) and the mysterious character Yeowool played by Cho Yoonwoo.

We will watch the stories of two characters with different personality, charms and family background joining "Hwarang" and their growth with different youths around them.

In the revealed photo, Kim Taehyung displayed the characteristics of Hansung, the twinkling eyes, and heartwarming visual. Hansung is the youngest member of Hwarang with the bright smile and refreshing charms of a young boy. The unexpected charm of sunshine maknae Hansung could be his curiosity that could turn the world upside down.

Even in real life, Kim Taehyung who is the youngest actor plays the youngest Hwarang character. This is also his first attempt in acting and he showed great passion and effort to play his character. It's been said that he was the perfect mood maker at the drama set with his cute and bright personality.

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Response +334

1.  Kim Taehyung, let's do well as much as you worked hard for this♥ +382 -33

2. It must have been tough because they filmed this during their world tour but thank you for doing your best. Hwarang, let's hit daebak!!♥ +338 -25

3. I'm really looking forward. His smile is just like sunshine and watching him smile makes me happy +325 -25

4. I saw him at the broadcasting station and he was handsome!! honestly, I didn't know who he was so I searched online and his name was "V". This time he's in the drama! aha! ㅋㅋ +296 -23

5. Taehyung fighting!! +284 -25

6. Talented and cool BTS V- Taehyung. Hwarang daebak!! +129 -13

7. V Hansung, I support you~~ +115 -10

8. You worked hard filming in the hot weather ㅜㅜ I hope Hwarang does well! +111 -9

9. I think this drama will do well..!! Hansung, I support you!!!! +112 -12

10. This is the official debut work of actor Kim Taehyung who showed us short yet incredible moments in short film and music videos! I'm very looking forward because his real personality seems to fit the bright personality of his character. I support you. I'll watch the drama when it airs! +95 -7

[PANN] 161128 BTS fans are...

I've always felt this but I think most BTS fans are all fans. Of course, there might be few "light" ones who just like BTS because of their visual but BTS fans around me stream, buy albums and support all members. What could be the reason? Well, I'm only asking this because I'm jealous. Most of the fans who support my fav are "얼빠" (fangirls/boys who like an idol just because they're pretty/handsome). 
+) oh I just came online and my post had been selected as best talk... I just wrote this without much thought but thanks for the replies ㅎ

(T/N: All fans = fans who support all members)

Original post here
Response +491 -72

1. The 7 members are all equally very kind, understanding and warm but they also have different charms. Their characters don't overlap ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Each member is awesome but I think I fall in love with them more because of the chemistry formed by the 7 great boys. And the love we receive from these 7 is just tremendous ㅠㅠ This is a feeling that's only felt by fans and some do join the fandom because of their face but I think they all change to core fans because of their talent, effort, and sincerity. +175 -4

2. It's like a revolving door to us. Our bias changes every day +175 -6
ㄴ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I agree to this. Today my bias is Namjoon 헤레렐레ㅔ +9 -0
ㄴ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I agree, seriously my bias changes everyday ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ until yesterday it was Hoseok but today it's Min Yoongi again and tomorrow I don't know ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +1 -0
ㄴ And there are 7 members so it's perfect since you can pick one member weekly ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +6 -0

3. The members are very close. You enter the fandom because of one member but other members are very playful too and they care and help one another so you can't help but live the revolving door life ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ +164 -3

4. Even when you join the fandom as a fan of one member, you'll find yourself transformed into an all fan as you keep fangirling. I think this is the biggest strength of BTS, the 7 members have different charms. It's really surprising. It's very hard to explain their charms in words but people who know them will know what I'm talking about and this is why I like BTS +56 -0

5. ah... Namjoon's my bias for the day..ㅠㅠ it's so healing to listen to Namjoon's words... ㅠㅠㅠ +45 -0

6. I find this interesting too. I used to only watch videos of my bias member but gradually I began to watch videos of members standing next to my bias and now I don't think I could ever become a one-member fan in the future because the members are so close +42 -0

7. You might enter the fandom because of one member but you will become an all fan. All 7 of them are lovely and you can't explain their charms in words. And the bond between these 7 members is just amazing too. They're like real brothers. +40 -1

8. We might have our bias member but I've not really seen many people who support only one member unless they're just extremely rude fans... 7 of them are like a family. They depend on each other and they ask us to love them equally +37 -0

9. OP, do you know why BTS has 7 members? Because 1 member per day. That is why ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ It's Bang Toto's big picture +34 -0

10. There are fandoms with many one member fans or fandoms that split because of some fans disliking specific members but I've not seen that happening with BTS. Many of them are all fans without bias members. I've noticed this while fangirling but even when you enter the fandom because of their face, once you watch their videos you will show interest in other members as well. They all have different charms. +32 -0

[Instiz] 161129 This idol group's song has been playing on some radio shows around the world (warning: you'll feel very proud)

It's BTS

It began with the US Radio

so proud ㅠㅠ

how this happened!!

BTS became the first Korean artist to debut at No. 26 on Billboard 200 Chart

Billboard has 2 main charts - 200 and Hot 100. PSY, CL, and Wonder Girls  have already entered the Hot 100 chart

Now to enter this chart the singer has to literally release a song in the US to enter their local music chart.

It's difficult for a Korean singer who releases an album in Korea to enter this chart

Thus, BTS entered Billboard 200 with their Youtube views and album sales in the US but it's hard for them to enter Hot 100

So fans started a petition

This was the achievement accomplished by international and Korean fans of BTS...

Billboard journalist was also touched to see this petition and he said he signed it too

Soon, their song began to play on various radio shows around the world

As a Korean, I'm very proud of BTS
I'm anticipating to see the new records they'll continue to make in the future ❤❤❤❤❤

Original post here
Response +315

1. ahhh I'm so proud

2. ARMY BTS are the best I love you guys ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. wow BTS is the best! Boys, I love you and I'm so proud of you ㅠㅠ

4. Although I belong to another fandom, I'm proud of them for spreading Korean music all over the world.  I'm looking forward to BTS's future and I will support you. BTS fighting!! ARMY, fighting!♡

5. my babies, I'm so proud of them ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

6. This is amazing... I'm so proud of my singers!!!

7. heol... wow...BTS has really succeeded... I'm proud of them... I can't believe my singers are so amazing...

8. BTS-pride ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ I'm so proud of BTS ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

9. wow BTS and their fans are awesome. Who would have thought they'd hear a song in another language playing on the radio!

10. So cool World Boy Scouts!!!! I purple you! 

[Instiz] 161128 A doll that was created with BTS V as its motive.jpg

The doll

The model

Original post here
Response +107

1. heol Taehyung heol
ㄴ (commenter 1)
   ㄴ I...don'
 ㄴ sorry the seat has been taken. 
(T/N: The error message you get when you're buying concert ticket lol it's like cursing the person to not get any seats at future concerts)
 ㄴ Toto's...coming?
(T/N: I decided to check why Bang PD-nim's called Toto (sorry if you guys knew this already haha) but fans think he looks like Totoro)
 ㄴ gargling... with...chestnut burrs?
 ㄴ army...prison?
 ㄴ Toto..wife?
 ㄴ Gocheok...4th in the last row?

2. my man...
ㄴ shhhhhh

3. A doll that was created with BTS V as its motive.jpg
A doll that was created with my husband as its motive.jpg
ㄴ go to the guardhouse
ㄴ live at the guardhouse

4. wow this is really well made... it gives me goosebumps... the doll looks just like him

5.  guys, let's try to learn the following equation at this right timing!

BTS V = husband of this comment
ㄴ what? let's go to guardhouse
ㄴdo you want to get beaten up...?

6. (sobs) Kim Taehyung is so handsome ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

7. I wish I could shout he's mine but I really want to get WINGS concert ticket so...

8. which one is the doll? I can't tell

9. heol it's pretty but scary too

10. omg even the mole on his nose...
 ㄴ wow I checked the photo again after reading your comment and the doll has a mole under the eye too!
  ㄴ heol....daebak

11. Taehyung's handsome and the doll is handsome too~ the person who made the doll is very talented~

12. ahhh he's so handsome

13. Last time I searched this doll online because I was curious and it was over 700,000 won (around $650~700) 껄껄 (looks at my purse) (cries)
ㄴ and it's out of stock and the seller said s/he has no plans on making more...

14. You can find it here but the seller's not selling any dolls right now

15. how much is that doll?
ㄴ that's really expensive... around 800,000 won ($750~800) (at least) only one head costs like 100,000 won...ㅎ...ㅜㅜ

16. I was scrolling down and V's visual suprised me more because he looks more handsome than the doll. But the doll's really well made...